Our Team

Having a great team is a huge part of making sure people know
we care about them and their families.

Our team is dead set on overdelivering.

Having a great team is a huge part of making sure people feel happy, respected, and appreciated. Our team is dead set on overdelivering. We make sure to prove how much we care to our patients and their families.

Our patients want to be known and listened to by their orthodontic team. That’s what this group is all about – taking the time to actually know about our patient’s lives. We believe in listening to our patients.

We know our patients see that level of respect and dedication because they’re happy here. Not only are we serious about it, we are serious about getting better every day.

Alex Wallace

Clinical Coordinator

Kristy Burton

Treatment Coordinator/Team Leader

Cassidy Ingram

Orthodontic Assistant

Daneen Smitherman

Financial Coordinator

Tara Agnell

Treatment Coordinator

Cheryle Jacobs

Treatment Coordinator

Chelsea Primm

Orthodontic Assistant

Connie Williams

Orthodontic Assistant

Kristin Brown

Orthodontic Assistant

Toni Farnell

Clinical Coordinator / Orthodontic Assistant

Amelia Favier

Orthodontic Assistant

Heather Hodge

Orthodontic Assistant/Dental Hygienist

Kelsey Phillips

Front Desk Coordinator

Emily Cullen

Financial Coordinator

Pam Sanchez

Orthodontic Assistant

Edna Leyble

Orthodontic Assistant

Jamie Thomas

Lab Tech/Orthodontic Assistant

Melinda Hamilton


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